demo 6!

2015-02-12 15:47:14 by ClimbLadders

Here is the 6th demo of the project I'm working on.  This is the 4th scene, and now I have lke 4 more to go! wait 5...I forgot that one scene....and an intro...




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2015-02-14 13:51:19

Yeah you are getting better.

ClimbLadders responds:

thank you Flash.


2015-02-23 11:29:31

Great work lookd like things are coming together.

ClimbLadders responds:

Thanks. slowy but surely!


2015-03-23 01:19:17

It's been a while since I've seen your stuff, nice work.

ClimbLadders responds:

Lol thanks. I have to go back and look at some of your work as well.


2015-03-25 02:15:50

Don't really have anything new, I've been gone for a while

ClimbLadders responds:

Are you planning to get back into it?


2015-03-27 02:16:33

Yeah, I've just been really lazy and consumed by school.

ClimbLadders responds:

Whenever you start back up again, let me know =)

Btw, that school must have one heck of an appitite eh?