I'm thinking about quitting Ageless.

2013-05-05 18:37:25 by ClimbLadders

remember my last post? probably not.

Of the 3 years I've been working on ageless, I'm thinking about throwing in the towel because I can't get enough support. It's something I would hate to do, but what other choice do I have? I've been working my best on it, but that doesn't matter as long as it is good. Hard work means nothing without good results right?

It's something I'm contemplating atm...I really don't want to quit, but its seems like the only option I have now...other than keep going and come out with a bad animation.


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2013-05-05 19:23:57

Throw in the towel and you lose.

Better to finish with a bad result then no result at all.
You'll never learn and grow if you don't finish what you started.


2013-05-05 19:53:38

I support LazyBucks, you just can't throw the towel. "Good results"... "bad animation" Dude, you animate better that a lot of people, including me. You must go on, you dont need support, the support will come to you.

(Updated ) ClimbLadders responds:

I'm not thinking about quitting animation all together, but this project. When I say support, I mean it in both ways. Mainly, I can't get help with it, and no one seems to give a damn what I do. Would you want to see a 20 minute animation with the same guy playing all of the voices? Even the female roles? It just ain't gonna be good as I want it to be.

You might be thinking why not get some voice actors but I can't get anyone who wants to do it, or for whatever reason. So now, I'm just gonna do solo projects, and if i continue to do this, it will be solo as well. This means I have to start from scratch...for the 4th time, since I can't get help. I regret I written the whole draft of the story out, but hey, what else am i gonna do?