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2012-01-05 02:18:13 by ClimbLadders

And with a attitude!

...Okay, I'm lying, I'm not angry. I got a new computer with 1tb memory, and a tablet. I also have all of my soundfonts and all other programs back by vigorous searching and then some. I still have to start over every thing I did far as animating goes, but I have a tablet (as mentioned above) so now I should be abled to do this much faster.

Oh, and because of this little setback, I draw a little better now. The first time was like a practice shot...

Happy late -4 new year.

I've been hacked

2011-12-23 19:14:58 by ClimbLadders

Now what am I'm gonna do? The virus they put on my computer gave me a Stop: c000021a stop error on boot up. I can still use safe mode thank God. But since my files are only accessible in on normal boot up, I've lost everything that I've been working on. I gotta start all over.

I wanted to make at least 700 music reviews before the year was over with, and a couple of flash reviews, but I can't listen to the music...any sound for that matter.

Oh well, stuff happens...I will just have to wait till I get another Skele Computer.

I think that's enough for this year.

2011-11-15 21:15:30 by ClimbLadders

I'm done making music for the rest of the year. There are 2 reasons. I wanna focus on the animation more, and more importantly, I'm not getting the same enjoyment I get when I make it anymore. Until then, I'll still be reviewing and stuff and working on this animation.

I'm still having a go at it, despite how hard it is for me. Here is a short short mini preview of the thing I am working on Don't expect it to be long though. It's a short animation btw. I'm planning on uploading the whole thing on here and youtube. When its done, I recommend watching it on youtube since you will be able to rewind it and junk...

The Ultimate Irony.

2011-09-07 00:49:54 by ClimbLadders

After all of this hard work for months, I'm gonna have to do something I will hate to do. I have to give up on animating. I keep loosing data, which constantly forces me to to start over from scratch. I save often, but somehow, the software keeps making some stupid error that makes what I do not work right, like my canvas doesn't appear at all. There is a inconvenient way around it, but what if (and I know it will figuring with this thing's nature) it screws up? It would be even more hard work lost...Hard work without results ain't worth the time...I could be doing other things. so I'm throwing in the towel...

It was gonna look like the art I've submitted... I've done some animating on it, which looked kinda smooth, but you won't be abled to see it in a .jpg file. Guess I'm not meant to be a animator afterall.

Edit 9-8-11

I've worked it out.

My computer is dying. It keeps making these random right clicks, and sometimes it does it very very very rapidly. Well, If it dies completely, I won't be able to create anything else. Let's see long it lasts.

I got tired of reviewing like this, so I'm gonna leave them like how I used to. Maybe I will leave the the way I used to (The good: The bad:) on certain occasions.

Looks like there is no other way.

2011-08-09 23:39:41 by ClimbLadders

I've been going on and on, about this animation that I've been working on, but now I will have to quit. Quit using Synfig that is for trying to animate the main animation. There are a couple of reasons though.

I've done a good job with the environment using this. I can admit that, but when it comes to making people, it looks...wonky. This is the best way I can describe it. Look at the image below for this. There is a reason behind this, and below is the second reason why I cannot use this software for animating properly.

The second reason is because you need a ridiculous number of layers instead of having just like3-8 (however how many flash users use.) For that 1 picture below, I've used over 150 layers (more or less. I didn't really count, but its around that number...perhaps even waaaaay more than I said). It gets tedious moving all of those around, even with encapsulating them. Also because of this, I cannot draw properly, with no table and all. For example, notice the gloves? I had to make a layer over the arms. Did I mention that there is no erase button? I would have to edit the line instead of erasing...which is a pain. If I wanted to add detail to them, I gotta add another layer on top of that. No way.

This is just slow. Sure, it may look nice beside the character, but it takes way too long. It took a week to make that scenery, while it would have taken me less amount of time to draw it.

So, now I have to move back to pencil. The quality won't be near as good as it was with this (ASIDE FROM THE WONKY CHARACTER). It will look more like my Activots art style. I hope this is not a problem.

Furthermore, because of this, I do not feel like working on this project the same way as I was (am) before. As of now, it has a deep storyline and would reveal itself as it progresses. Now, I just feel like making it wacky, with a simple plot, and focus on comedy and ridiculous fighting. Sure, it had comedy in it before, but within the story.

I'm taking a break from this for now until I figure out what I want to do with this plot. Soooo, what I'm gonna do is continue making music, and make some random animation for the time being.

Looks like there is no other way.

Reviewing differently

2011-07-18 12:22:46 by ClimbLadders

From here on, In the AP I'm gonna try to start reviewing songs differently. It's gonna follow this format.




Keep it up/ Keep at it.

I figure by doing it this way, it will be easier on the eyes, and it will make the reviews more effective. I might start doing this in the flash portal too.

I can finally start Animating.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I wont fully review WIPs or demos. The only ones that will get them are finished songs and flashes...unless I'm tricked.

After about a month or so working on this story board, I've finally got it complete. Next up is working on the lip sync then animating. I should have done the lip syncing part first though. the voices are done but I didn't put the proper lip parts on the story board though, just the gist of it. Whatever though, I will figure it out as usual though. Now if only I had someone to share it with...

yes! Storyboard finally complete!