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Final Demo

2016-05-10 23:55:38 by ClimbLadders

Here's the final demo of the thing I'm working on.


This is becoming really hard to finish.

Water animation.

2015-12-22 11:02:54 by ClimbLadders

This is me trying to animate detailed water.

Demo 8

2015-09-24 19:22:24 by ClimbLadders

It's been a while, so here u go.


2 more scenes to go after this one.  

7th demo

2015-04-18 16:25:18 by ClimbLadders

This is kind of disapointing because It's so short.  It's like this because things are going to start happening in this scene, and I want to keep it secret for now =)  This is not final yet.




demo 6!

2015-02-12 15:47:14 by ClimbLadders

Here is the 6th demo of the project I'm working on.  This is the 4th scene, and now I have lke 4 more to go! wait 5...I forgot that one scene....and an intro...



An update of my project.

2014-12-27 02:07:17 by ClimbLadders

I know it's been a while since I posted anything, but I've been very busy.  Anyway, Here is a little up date of what I've been working on.



It's still a long way from being finished, but I'm still trying to get there.

The Ageless (Demo 4)

2014-10-12 19:12:53 by ClimbLadders

This is the 4th demo of my project.  This is getting harder to complete because I am loosing inspiration, and my drive to finish it.  All of that is in my blog.



Another Ageless Demo.

2014-07-14 16:13:59 by ClimbLadders

This is just another Ageless demo.  It will be awhile before I do another camera shot like this.

It'll be a while 'till the whole thing is done....  If it ever gets done.

A preview of my Big Project.

2014-05-05 11:10:31 by ClimbLadders

Hi.  I've been working on this project for a while.  Now its been about 3 years.  If you don't believe me Check my older posts!  Finally, I'm on the animation portion of my workflow, and here is a really short preview.

Hopefully I can get this done.  My estimate is that it will be done in a year or so If nothing goes wrong.

Rusty News Stand.

2014-04-11 02:34:10 by ClimbLadders

It's been a while since I did one of these.  It's been a while since I posted anything as well.  Its because alot of my time has been taken from me, and because I have been working on "The Ageless: Fall of Vigil".  I'm not too thrilled about my time be taken like that though 'cause It's messing with my creativity.  If you want more detail on what I finished, and my works, I've updated my blog.  It also touches up on this, that blah blah blah yep and all the babble.

click here for the blog

Hopefully, I'll  have something posted by next week, but the way things are going.... huuuuhhhhhh (thats a sigh).


Oh and starting monday, I will try to find some time to do atleast 5 reviews a day.  no 10...but 5 is my minimum.


until Monday, Bye Bye