Into the Mine Shaft Miscellaneous Song
Scumbag of the Sea Video Game Loop
Sea.... Uh Oh! (No Riff) Miscellaneous Loop
Shark Party Miscellaneous Loop
Sea....Uh Oh! Miscellaneous Loop
The Two Royal Brothers Miscellaneous Loop
Crab Monarchy Miscellaneous Loop
Violent Voltage Video Game Loop
The End of an Age Cinematic Song
Sonic 2 Boss: Western Style! Video Game Loop
Hyper T.V. Battle! Video Game Loop
Electrical Fury Video Game Loop

2014 Submissions

Where's My Tugboat? Miscellaneous Song
Irate Tugboat Miscellaneous Loop
Lunch Monster Hip Hop - Modern Song
Lunch Monster NL Hip Hop - Modern Song
Zeppelin Raid Miscellaneous Loop
The Ageless Cinematic Song

2013 Submissions

Sued Mario Rants Miscellaneous Voice
MADMAN 2 Miscellaneous Song
Defying Fight (Drum Solo) Miscellaneous Loop
Defying Fight Miscellaneous Loop
Undeniable Tension Video Game Loop
Risky Path Miscellaneous Song
Your Stalker Cinematic Loop
Dance of Storms Dance Song
The Viper Video Game Loop
Bird Battle! Classical Loop
Against all Odds Classical Loop
Thank God Miscellaneous Song
Towers - Destruct Of Red Pop Song

2012 Submissions

World's Woe Classical Song
The Ruper Video Game Loop
Incapacitation Force Miscellaneous Song
I am a Weakling. Miscellaneous Loop
Robo Chillin V.2 Miscellaneous Song
Heavy-Set Trouble Miscellaneous Loop
Towers - Castle Of Blood Classical Loop
Ninja Vs. Warrior Miscellaneous Song
Monsters in the Club Miscellaneous Song
Peace Within Miscellaneous Song
Heartless Motives Miscellaneous Loop
El Adversario Miscellaneous Loop
Extra Lazy Miscellaneous Loop
My Burd Hip Hop - Modern Song
My Burd NL Hip Hop - Modern Song
Midnight City Stroll Jazz Song
Phantom's Wrath Miscellaneous Song
Legendary Spider Temple Miscellaneous Loop
Gimmick Factory Miscellaneous Loop
Drunkard Fight Miscellaneous Song
Verboten Fortress Miscellaneous Song
Boat Swag Miscellaneous Song
Duke In Arms Video Game Song
Mountain's Crest Ambient Loop
Construction Complex Video Game Loop
COH:R - Storm Showdown Classical Song
The Power of a Warrior Classical Loop
Warrior's RAGE Video Game Loop
Finite Desert: Danger Video Game Loop
Forever Determined Miscellaneous Song
All Out Showdown Video Game Song
Pissed-off Factory Miscellaneous Song
Robber Machine Hip Hop - Modern Song
Robber Machine NL Hip Hop - Modern Song
Sly Spy Miscellaneous Song
Resisting Evil's Shadow Miscellaneous Song
Desolated Winter Video Game Song
Magma Chamber Miscellaneous Song
This Scientist is Nuts! Video Game Loop
Howls of the Wolves Classical Song
MADMAN Miscellaneous Song
Aggressive Tumbleweed Miscellaneous Song
The Rabbit Hop Miscellaneous Song
Ultra Sundae Monster Heavy Metal Song
Ultra Sundae Monster NL Heavy Metal Song
Don't Drown! Miscellaneous Song
Deadly Water Classical Song
Notorious Pirate Classical Loop
The Final Order Miscellaneous Song
Luminous Body Miscellaneous Song
Impatient Warrior Miscellaneous Loop
Military Territory V.2 Miscellaneous Song
Mean Swamp Miscellaneous Song
Crazed Robo Miscellaneous Loop
Robo Chillin Miscellaneous Loop
Calm Path Classical Song
Incoming Danger Miscellaneous Song
Zeppelin Chase Dance Song
Dead Forest Miscellaneous Loop
Dying Forest Classical Loop
Vivus Forest Classical Song
Bigman Miscellaneous Song
Silly Little Zero Ghost Miscellaneous Song
"Badman" NL Classic Rock Song
"Badman" Classic Rock Song
Ninja's RAGE Miscellaneous Loop
Are You Ready when Christ Come Classical Song
To Be a Ninja Miscellaneous Song
Rising Clown Tyranny Miscellaneous Song
Chicken Monster NL Hip Hop - Modern Song
Chicken Monster Translated Hip Hop - Modern Song
Finite Desert Miscellaneous Song
Chicken Monster Hip Hop - Modern Song
A Warrior's Battle Classical Song
Warrior Vs. Ninja V.2 Miscellaneous Song
Crush Factory Miscellaneous Song
Master Truck Miscellaneous Song
Massive Assault Video Game Song
Massive Threat Video Game Song
Rogue Circus Miscellaneous Song
Unforgiving Winter Miscellaneous Song